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1-2-1 Coaching.

  • Do you have a proven track record of success and achievements, but your current reality doesn’t light up your days any longer?

  • Have you hit a turning point in your life or career and are seeking guidance from a trusted an experienced partner who is one step ahead, has been there and got through it themselves?

  • Do you feel you are Made for More and are ready to make a change to step up your career, but fear or confidence holding you back?


  • You would know exactly who you are, what your values are, your passions, your talents and what is holding you back.

  • You will have an increased self-awareness

  • You will have a clear understanding about you unique selling points and your purpose.

  • You will have crystal clarity on where you are heading and why

  • You will know what success and fulfilment mean to you in both career, business and life and what it takes to get there.

  • You will have a clear plan of actions to move forward.

  • You will have a renewed enthusiasm, renewed motivation & absolute confidence in your plans and decision making.

  • You will have the support you need from someone who understands you and your career/business challenges, to bounce your ideas off and help you find solutions

  • You will know how to be marketing yourself and how to work on your personal branding.



Nadja is an Career Fulfilment Coach on a mission to help and empower other people, leaders and businesses who are no longer aligned with their values and priorities, to re-invent themselves, to change their lives for the better,  and to reach their definition of success and fulfilment, because she truly believe we CAN have it all.

This is for you if:

You are ready to seriously scale up your career, but the lack of clarity and direction is holding you back.


You have a reoccurring dream of living a different life than the one you are living now and you know you are not reaching your full potential. 


You are ready to change and evolve but you feel stuck and confused in how to do it and you need a sounded partner on your side.

This is what you will get:

1 -12 months of tailored coaching sessions that suits your biggest needs and that will help you in making progress towards your goals and the way forward you need to succeed. 


Weekly or Bi-weekly intensive 60-minute sessions of transformational 1-2-1 coaching 

Hogan assessments (value 900 EUR) 

Unlimited email access to me for questions that arise between sessions.

How do we work together?

2x60 minute calls per month

2x15 telephonic accountability checks

Unlimited email access to me for your questions

Discuss your timeframe & prices

Investing in yourself, pays the best interest

Jenny Grundemark.jpeg


Digital Chief Editor 

Nadja helped me from day one, giving me the confidence and tools on how to explore my options, by looking closely at the skill set I had built over the years and what other things I can achieve and would love to achieve. Nadja was able to guide me into my unique selling points, my purpose, my blind spots and my new direction! Working with her really gave me the boost I needed to get out there, take action and look for the right thing for me. In this moment I am in a new dream position, and I am sure my increased self-awareness and the work with my mindset towards my new path was leading the way. Nadja is a good listener and a great support during the way, she gave me the right guidance and could truly relate to my experience. Thank you so much. 



Entrepreneur & Marketing Professional

When Starting to work with Nadja five months ago I was feeling stuck and not satisfied due to my work situation. I had been with the same company and role for some years but felt I wanted to do more. I was not sure of my future direction nor what I really wanted to do in life, simply confused. A former coach client to Nadja recommended her and she really helped me to re-connect with myself, my core values, my skills and my why, to be able to find out what I actually want with in life and to connect that to my future career, by helping me create my new direction and the right path for me. I learned many useful techniques, that works, in everything from setting direction, to making action plans, to working on my mindset and my personal branding. I could never imagine to be where I am today, at least not so quickly, since I dared to take the leap and now I am actually running my own business,  on top of my other job, and I am forever grateful to Nadja for this development. I would never have been able to do this alone.

johanna carlgren.jpg

J. Carlgren,

Account Manager

After a serious illness in the family with grief and a breakup from a long relationship that brought with it losses, insecurity, dishonesty and a damaged self-confidence, I needed to find myself again. With the help of Nadja's guidance in a receptive and safe environment, I was given the tools to dare to listen to my inner voice again, process difficult feelings and to believe in myself.


The most important exercise for me was to find my three most important core values ​​- caring, justice, and honesty. They are still my faithful companions in, among other things, decision-making, boundaries and keys to living a happy and free life

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