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"How people work together influences everything."


Team Coaching

Made for More’s Team coaching programs are designed to achieve specific goals based on an analysis of the team’s strengths and challenges. 

What if you could expect these following benefits after working with us?

  1. Enhance teamwork

  2. Build trust among team members

  3. Align the team and improve interactions 

  4. Resolve conflicts

  5. Increase team awareness that goes beyond each individual

  6. Develop empathy and shared group commitment. 

  7. Higher motivation and satisfaction

  8. Increase productivity, revenue and profit

These results cannot be achieved in isolation or through individual work, but only in the context of a team. 


“The benefits of team coaching can reach beyond the team, into other parts of the organisation or the personal lives of the team members.”

Studies have shown that organisations with coached teams have a culture that is more collaborative, have lower staff turnover and more likely to show an improved bottom line.


Team Coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You are dedicated to turn your company into an efficient, organized, and happy business that will thrive even when you are out of the office

  • You want to find an opportunity for your company to thrive and develop a strong, collaborative workforce. 

  • You would like tailer suited Team Coaching sessions for your teams with the primary goal to enchance your People and Business.

  • You want to develop high performance teams

  • You want to improve interpersonal relationships and the communication among the team

  • You need to manage conflicts and difficult situations

  • You would like to achieve greater cohesion and teamwork

This is what you will get:

  • An initial assessment of the groups current status 

  • Tailored Team Coaching Sessions suited for your challenges and need.

  • Meetings with 90-minute online (or if possible physical) sessions with the group divided into subgroups of 4-5 people each. Each time the composition of the groups changes to avoid static.

  • My ongoing, support as People Consultant and Certified Coach, as long as the coaching sessions are proceeding.


There isn’t a standard formula that fits all teams all the time when it comes to the coaching process. The coaching process starts with a discovery and assessment session in order to establish a basic understanding of where the team is at and what are the challenges faced. What follows, in most cases, is the creation of goals and an action plan that will guide the coaching sessions in the following weeks and months. Customized coaching will be adapted to the needs of your company and is always conducted by a professional and certified coach.

It could be shorter assignment or a series of modules over several months. The duration of the coaching assignment depends often on how long it would take the team to implement the new behaviours and reach the ultimate goal. 

Let's talk.




A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other’


Jan Wallsin.jpeg

J. Wallsin,

Former CEO & Expansion Leader H&M Online

Nadja is a great person, with very strong values. She is a trusted and respected Senior HR leader that created confidential and trusted relationships in our organization which really developed the company. Her efforts has been highly valuable not only for her results but also from being a colleague by bringing positivity, energy and humour to our teams. 

During our time together, Nadja raised the HR function from being more of a payroll department to a strong HR support function, which was an extremely important journey. She succeeded by implementing an aligned HR strategy to our overall business goals and by identify the most urgent needs. There was a period of implementation of new HR processes, new ways of working and to strengthen our values, across seven countries in Europe, which she did smoothly. 

In this period, we had a huge pressure on expanding our business abroad with extremely high speed, which she immediately took action on, by creating several leadership programs,  team coaching activities and identifying value ambassadors, to be able to provide the organisation as quickly as possible with new leaders and specialists. All this while keeping up the quality and service level.  She succeeded with a good personal and managers supply, despite the heavy expansion, thanks to her big picture thinking, understanding for the business, strong commitment, and genuine care for people. She showed as well great collaboration skills and passion for constantly developing people and leaders. She identified many high potentials and talents, which she developed and coached into leaders and specialists during an intense period. She also managed to build up a close relationship between the HR function and the business organization, by her presence, involvement and from working very close to our business leaders out in the organization. I would definitely love to work with Nadja again.

Inga-Lill Andersson Former Global Learni

I. Andersson,

Former Global Learning & Development Director, KappAhl

I had the pleasure to get to know and work with Nadja for 3,5 years in KappAhl. During our time together Nadja was facilitating team coaching activities for 15-20 teams per year. The Teams were coming from our store organisation and were chosen as improvement target stores for each year, mainly from a business point of view. It was about stores that had specific challenges, difficulties and needs but with opportunities to improve their bottom line, through coaching in different focus areas as; Leadership, Conflict resolution, Values, Performance, Collaboration, Communication or Absence. 

The Coaching activities were tailored and planned out by Nadja according to each team’s specific challenges and needs. The goal setting was part on the Team Coaching sessions and were therefore identified together with each team. The goals were then measured and followed up during the following year. We saw tremendously positive effects out of the Team Coaching activities that Nadja organized and facilitated, both in form of improved business results, but as well in more trusted, collaborative, communicative and well performed teams. On top of that People felt seen, heard and enhanced, which in such increased their motivation, enthusiasm and their sense of belonging. Nadja was highly appreciated in the organisation, by all levels, thanks to her friendly and open approach in confronting different people, situations, and challenges, as her understanding of the business. Her proactiveness and genuine care for people and their development was constantly demonstrated in her work, day by day, year by year. Last but not least, we had much fun along the way.

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