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HR & People Managment

Made for more is providing Senior HR Leadership support to companies and business owners who needs to get on track regarding the People factor in their business.

  • Are you a business owner who needs to align your business strategy with a modern HR strategy?

  • Are you a company that is behind when it comes to PEOPLE matters and needs to get tools and processes in place to attract, find, develop and keep your TALENTS?

  • Are you frustrated about not having a motivated, collaborative and performing workforce?

If your business is new, or you have been operating with minimal HR contribution, Made for More can provide the right and flexible HR support for you.


We provide a personalised HR expertise for specific projects or challenges that lets you off load the complexity of Human Resources, enabling you to focus on growing your business. 

By working with me you will:

  • achieve results faster by addressing the PEOPLE needs and aligning them with your overall business strategy.

  • see the impact of a more human centric organisation, by having a more engaged, collaborative and well performed workforce,

  • have modern HR processes in place regarding on how to work with and enhance your people that optimizes the results.

  • know how to attract, finding, develop and keep your talents.



This is for you if:

  • you are facing a change and need a Senior HR Leader that puts the People aspects in order and align it with your overall business goals.


  • you need to find the right talents at the right place, in time. 


  • you feel the need to become more Human Centric and focus on HR matters for not losing business and talents.

This is what you will get:

  • Senior HR Expertise 

  • Flexible HR solutions for shorter or longer assignments

  • Modern HR philosophy and mindset

  • Rapid delivery of a senior HR expert to manage a specific project or challenge.

  • International background and mindset

Let's talk.



Get in contact to discuss a package which would suit your specific business needs.

Karin Marald.jpeg


HR Director Ikea Group

During some years I got to work with Nadja in the role as HR Manager in Inter IKEA Centre Group located in Milan Italy. I experienced Nadja as a senior HR professional that took big responsibility for business agenda and leadership in all general HR processes. I recommend Nadja to strategic HR assignments, close to business decisions and with focus on strategic competence growth. Her warm heart, great humour, open dialogue and ability to run business through people are all strong assets that I truly appreciated

Joakim Gavelin.jpeg


Former Sales Director KappAhl

During the time I had the pleasure of working with Nadja, she showed fantastic HR-, Training-, and Project management skills and a talent for personal development in top level. She proved a will and capacity to make things go from ideas to reality and results, in a Multicultural and Multilanguage organization. Always with a smile on her face. Highly impressive! I can strongly recommend Nadja for any organization prioritizing clarity, deliverance and results within HR-, Talent-, People- and/or Training Management.

Anders Wikström.jpeg


Former Sales Director Gunnebo Group

I would like to recommend Nadja to anyone who needs a confident, skilled and motivating manager. Nadja has always time to help and support colleges, always time to listen, although deliver her tasks in time and with excellence. She also finds time to develop her tasks and functions. This together with a thorough knowledge of HR laws, regulations, agreements, makes her very suitable for important and demanding HR Managerial assignments.

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