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The Made for More 3.0 Online Group Coaching Program is designed to step UP your career and to help you go from STUCK to SUCCESSFUL! For high-flyers who wants to find their unique path to success and fulfilment.

This 15 weeks group coaching program aimed to help you who are Made for More in

re-launching your career and to define your unique path to success and fulfilment for your next chapter in your career and life.

  • Are you ready to re-connect to yourself and your career to become the best version of yourself, but lack of clarity and direction is holding you back?

  • Did you have a taste of success but realised that it is not the place where you want to be, something is missing and you need guidance in finding your purpose and your new path?

  • Do you feel you have potential to do much more, but self-confidence and fear is holding you back from taking the step from being Stuck to Unstoppable?

How would you feel if by the end of our 3 months together you would achieve the following?

  • You will a crystal-clear picture of WHO YOU ARE and more clarity about WHAT YOU WANT, by increased Self-Awareness, to easier land the right opportunity for you. 

  • You will have a broad overview of your UNIQUE SELLING POINTS to be able to leverage on them and you will define your PURPOSE, to be able to create a more meaningful career.

  • You will know who your ideal employer/client is and whom you would like to serve.

  • You will have a better understanding of what you could offer to the market and what you can get paid for.

  • You will make a clear actionable plan with the steps you need to take to nail your goals and you will do all this  with the support from a coach who has been there herself.

  • You will know exactly what to concentrate on to get closer to your end goal and what to stop doing and start to TAKE ACTION.

  • You will learn how to work on you MINDSET and how it can move yourself forward, to identify and overcome the blocks standing in your way to your success.

  • You will learn how to build your own powerful PERSONAL BRANDING that positions you as an expert in your field and helps you to attract the right opportunities.

  • You will have not just a Professional Coach along your side, but as well a group of likewise people around you, sharing, energising, and supporting each other along the way.


This is for you if:

  • You are a high-flyer who dares to have it all and are not willing to compromise for a career below your true potential.

  • You feel you are Made for More, but you need a push forward and support in defining your next chapter in your future career and life.

  • You have a dream of a different career, life or business but fear and lack of confidence is holding you back.

  • You are currently stuck and confused, but inside of you there is an inner voice telling you it is time to evolve and take a leap.

This is what is included:

  • 6 in-depth deep dive modules that will give you the knowledge and the tactics you need to make your career transition a success.

  • 6 video trainings to support your learnings of each module.

  • A workbook filled with practicable exercises which will give you the clarity and focus that you need in order to move forward and which you will have access to for life.

  • 7 group calls to provide you with both the accountability and coaching you need.

  • Guest speaker sessions to support you in up levelling your journey.

  • 1-hour strategy call where a 90-day plan will be mapped out.

  • 1 final coaching wrap up session to ensure you have everything you need to move forward after the program.

  • A private Facebook community for you where you will be able to share your challenges, goals and wins.

  • A group of likewise people around you, sharing, energizing, and supporting each other during the journey and hold you accountable for your goals

  • My ongoing support for 15 weeks as a Career Fulfilment Coach.



€990 Incl VAT

The VIP Exclusive offer includes all the advantages of the Premium offer PLUS

  • Hogan Assessment plus consultation.

  • 1 x free 1 Hour Coaching session with me.

  • My ultimate LinkedIn Guide ‘’How to make your LinkedIn profile work for you’’

HOGAN assessments provide crucial insights into characteristics that not only accelerate an individual’s success but, more importantly, can cause failure and career derailment, which are essential for a successful career change & reinvention!






Luigi Soriani

Business Development Manager in South Europe, Middle East e Africa

Anna Guglielmone

Core Area Manager

Marco Ramundo
Account Manager

Anna Anderson
Business Manager

Iris Rousseeu
Coach & Consultant


I would say that I knew I wanted and needed to change something in my life, but that I lost direction and had a hard time taking the first step. During the course I got my inner compass back by sorting out step by step what I want and dream about and what can stand in the way.

I was helped to dare to believe in myself again and develop a strategy to achieve my goals.  


Now I feel full of energy and creativity, and that I have the tools needed to do what I want.

I really got back the energy and focus that I lacked, and all the work with values, vision, superpowers and above all the mindset has really helped me move forward. The magic (and completely logical) of the Ikigai model was also an eye opener! 


Art & Crafts Professional


Elena Morris 

Partner and Executive Head Hunter

I have felt misaligned to my career for some time, I started to feel strongly that I needed to make a change but I wasn't clear on what that looked like and how would I identify my purpose?

I am now 10 weeks into the course and everything has changed for me (for the better!) with the help of Nadja, my fellow group members, the incredible workbook (of which Nadja has clearly put so much thought and time into) and our fortnightly zoom calls, I have been able to identify my VALUES, my USP, my WHY/MISSION and how to get to where I want to be and by when.


I highly recommend this programme to anyone who feels they are not fulfilling their true potential, someone who might think they couldn't possibly retrain / move at this time of their life/career, someone who doesn't feel aligned to their companies vision and values, someone who simply feels a little lost and needs some help to find their way again.  For me, this has been pretty life-changing and I don't say that lightly.


I had reached a point in my professional path,  where I needed guidance. The Group Coaching Program Made for More helped me to put my thoughts in order and to set my plan for the future.

It also helped me to better understand myself and today I am looking at my past with different eyes. Now, I am walking my path with a better focus on myself, I have new tools and a better understanding of which direction to follow.

Andrea Micelli
Global Marketing and Communications Manager

cristian carboni.jfif

Cristian Carboni
Light Industries Market Manager

chiara gensini.jfif

Chiara Gensini
Actress and pilates

carlo saolne.jfif

Carlo Salone
Sales Director

During a complicated moment in my personal life, I had the possibility to join the Group Coaching Program Made for More. I appreciated Nadja’s sensitivity and her skills as a coach. I also admire the positive energy that was released in the work group that grew and developed in an environment of positivity and trust. Nadja gave me the methodology to work on my

self-awareness and on my life vision. Thank you Nadja for your great job!

Before starting my group coaching course with Nadja I was feeling very confused. I am an actress and I have not been working for the past three years and was not sure whether I wanted to keep trying to do this job. I felt very stuck and insecure and didn't know where to start. The Group Coaching Program helped me understand that in order to feel ME again I had to start following my emotions again and to increase my self-awareness. It helped me concentrate on my unique selling points, making me realise that we all have something that makes us unique. I feel much more confident than I used to and eager to go and get what I want.

Nadja as coach is very clear, directive and supportive with an excellent skill to let you look inside yourself and understand where you are in life and what you need to do to achieve your dreams. The program is very well organized and each individual module gives you a smooth progression to an introspective view of yourself. During the different sessions, I rediscovered my values, vision and talents. I was able to recreate a successful mindset.

Not sure yet?

Book your free discovery call with me to see if the programme is a fit for you!

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