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Next start date 21/01/21


The Made for More Online Group Coaching Program is designed to step UP your career and to help you go from STUCK to SUCCESSFUL! For high-flyers who wants to find their unique path to success and fulfilment.

This 12 week group coaching program aimed to help you who are Made for More in

re-launching your career and to define your unique path to success and fulfilment for your next chapter in your career and life.

  • Are you ready to re-connect to yourself and your career to become the best version of yourself, but lack of clarity and direction is holding you back?

  • Did you have a taste of success but realised that it is not the place where you want to be, something is missing and you need guidance in finding your purpose and your new path?

  • Do you feel you have potential to do much more, but self-confidence and fear is holding you back from taking the step from being Stuck to Unstoppable?

How would you feel if by the end of our 12 weeks together you would achieve the following?

  • You will have a broader overview of WHO YOU ARE and increased Self-Awarness.

  • You will have a crystal-clear picture of your UNIQUE SELLING POINTS and your PURPOSE; where your passion, mission and calling meets.

  • You will know who your ideal employer/client is and whom you would like to serve.

  • You will have a better understanding of what you could offer to the world and what you can get paid for.

  • You will learn how to make a clear actionable plan with the steps you need to take for the first 90 days.

  • You will know exactly what to concentrate on, and what to stop doing and start to TAKE ACTION

  • You will learn how to set up a SUCCESS MINDSET and how it will move yourself towards your definition of success and fulfilment.

  • You will learn how to build your own powerful and outstanding PERSONAL BRANDING that stands out from the crowd.

  • You will have not just a Professional Coach along your side, but as well a group of likewise people around you, sharing, energising, and supporting each other along the way.


This is for you if:

  • You are a high-flyer who dares to have it all and are not willing to compromise for a career below your true potential.

  • You feel you are Made for More, but you need a push forward and support in defining your next chapter in your future career and life.

  • You have a dream of a different career, life or business but fear and lack of confidence is holding you back.

  • You are currently stuck and confused, but inside of you there is an inner voice telling you it is time to evolve and take a leap.

This is what is included:

  • 6 in-depth deep dive modules that will give you the knowledge and the tactics you need to make your career transition a success.

  • 6 video trainings to support your learnings of each module.

  • A workbook filled with practicable exercises which will give you the clarity and focus that you need in order to move forward and which you will have access to for life.

  • 6 group calls to provide you with both the accountability and coaching you need.

  • Guest speaker sessions to support you in up levelling your journey.

  • 1-hour strategy call where a 90-day plan will be mapped out.

  • 1 final coaching wrap up session to ensure you have everything you need to move forward after the program.

  • A private Facebook community for you where you will be able to share your challenges, goals and wins.

  • My ongoing support for 12 weeks as a Career Fulfilment Coach.



The VIP Exclusive offer includes all the advantages of the Premium offer PLUS HOGAN        assessments. HOGAN assessments provide crucial insights into characteristics that not only      accelerate an individual’s success but, more importantly, can cause failure and career derailment, which are essential for a successful career change & reinvention!




Cristiano Arienti.jpeg

C. Arienti

Former Coaching Client of Nadja

I highly recommend Nadja as a professional coach. I felt totally confident and ready to open up myself and go through questions and directions she put before me. She is very calm and smart, she made me feel at easy and she has driven me to get get in touch with some important issues about myself and focus on my working objectives. I write this recommendation in English even though we spoke Italian during the coaching.

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