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6 ACTIONABLE STEPS that will support you to go from feeling stuck to Unstoppable.


I have created this online self-study course for people who are Made for More and want to know how to re-launch their Career. I have been there myself, I have seen, and felt the struggle which is why I put together this course to give you the steps I took to tranform and re-launch my career and become a certified career coach.

  • Do you feel you have more potential than you are utilizing in your current career and life situation?


  • Do you feel stressed, stuck and unsatisfied where you are today and lack clarity and direction of your next chapter?


  • Do you feel your values and priorities are no longer aligned with your current and life?


  • Do you fear to lose your job and feel the need of re-branding and marketing yourself to land in the best career situation for you?

How would you feel if by the end of the course you achieved the following?

  • Understood the importance of self-awareness and how it can help you to create your unique path to success and fulfilment. 


  • Got clarity around your dream career/business/life.


  • Understood why goal setting is essential to success and how to identify and accomplish your own specific goals.


  • Learned techniques in how to work on your mindset and understand the importance and power of it when working towards your goals, that will take you from being stuck to UNSTOPPABLE.


  • Recognized the importance of personal branding and learn how to build a powerful brand for yourself that will support you in finding the best opportunity for you.


This is for you if:

Check list
  • Your career change seems to be on the horizon, but fear and lack of confidence are blocking you from moving forward.


  • You have a job which is no longer aligned to your values and priorities and you would like to change, but don’t know where to start.


  • You feel you are Made for More and want to steer your full potential towards a fulfilled career and life in every sense. 


  • You have lost your job during these challenging times and you need help to RE-BRAND & MARKET YOURSELF to find the right job opportunity for you.


  • You want to re-connect to yourself, to find your own inner purpose to be able to feel fulfilment and to make as stronger impact. 

The Re-launch Your Career Course:

  • 6 in-depth deep dive modules that will give you the knowledge and the tactics you need to make your career transition a success.


  • 6 video trainings to support your learnings of each module.


  • A workbook filled with practicable exercises which will give you the clarity and focus that you need in order to move forward and which is yours for life.

...And The Great News?




What are you waiting for?

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